That's why people don't ride bike or walk in America
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TibetanMonkey, the Beach Cruiser Philosopher
2012-09-27 14:44:11 UTC
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They surround themselves with lion symbols. I'm only assigning the
animal of their choice.
Women in my area area are in the cage, or surviving on sidewalks where
they are treated as insects.
that of course, insects, are the symbols they also choose for
themselves... me sticks of a double standard here.
it does raise the big social stupid scale doesn't it? that those
people "choose" that life for themselves and thus should be treated as
such. i think that is why it was important to give everyone a turn as
a bug in a storm. odd as it may seem, the streets are more and better
prepared than the lions. and when it comes to enough, it is only the
lion's strength (police state) that prevents them from striking today
with murderous blows and humiliations supreme.
The minute cyclists ride on sidewalks they become insects. Most do
because the option is to ride on the street and be eaten by a lion.
They simply think they own the road and attack with little fear of
punishment. I've tried it on the street, TAKING THE LANE, and I do
come under attack every time. The BIKE LANES are not connect so they
remain nothing more than a show.
But when you think about it the insect is the ultimate weapon of
nature, the mosquito being the true king of the jungle.
karma is kind of like that monkey. taking the lane. pissing off some
people (you really never do expect a mine on the field), you do a few
times, like an experiement, then you build up quite the reputation.
then one day, you say starting now. and you never do it again. and on
that same day, you turn the corner, and there are one hundred people
with bats wanting to play monkey ball.
of course you will say you changed and can prove it. wha would we
expect you to say?
Anything less than TAKING THE LANE makes a monkey out of you. Riding
on the edge encourages that they squeeze you and becomes VERY
STRESSFUL. Riding on sidewalk becomes WINDING & GRINDING.

That's why people don't ride bike or walk in America. Remember, most
suburbs don't even offer a sidewalk. Like I say, MONKEY IN THE CAGE.


TibetanMonkey, the Beach Cruiser Philosopher
2012-09-29 22:24:48 UTC
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iow... well down monkey. there is some real writing in there. but the
chaplin bit? you are such an ass kisser.
takes one to know one hehe
Everything that proves my case is good for the revolution. Chaplin
could be the perfect symbol of liberation:

"In the Tramp, Chaplin found a vehicle for the expression of an
authentic experience. The substance of this experience was the
fulfilled desire for physical freedom in a society structured to
obstruct ease of mobility. Charlie's ability to move so easily and
with such authenticity resonated with his audience's frustration at
the restriction of lives governed by social propriety, the class
structure and, especially in the thirties, the regime of


So we are looking for s-p-a-c-e to move around freely. Today more than
ever mechanization is the only option. The human being is
insignificant. No place to walk or ride a bike.

And we have no one making us laugh about the establishment. Unless you
want to laugh about the antics of the monkey. That's funny.

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But that's only my humble opinion.
TibetanMonkey, the Beach Cruiser Philosopher
2012-09-30 14:27:35 UTC
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Many people --drivers and idiots-- take away my energy but I gain it
these forums.
I mean the forums give me energy. The streets rob my energy when I see
all that filth and low life people. It was different in NYC though. It
takes a courageous man --Mayor Bloomberg-- to clean up a place. It
must be that way so the streets are clean and safe.
But 90% of the people live a different reality --the sprawl. It's an
evil design made to maximize the profit by accommodating the couch
potato, but people lose their humanity. The FAT ASSES just make me
throw up. How can anyone defend a society where obesity is the #1
health risk? Where's the human contact?
My waistline grew a bit too much from sitting in the boondocks but I'm
fighting back. Actually every single human being must have the space
to move and socialize. Those who paint Buddha fat are probably trying
to put a great wise man down. He would have surely joined my
"Thousands of cyclists hit downtown San Francisco's streets Friday
evening, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the monthly Critical Mass
bike rides by snarling traffic across the city."
They are playing revolution without ever getting in trouble or
accomplishing anything. They are similar to Occupy in that sense.

All it takes to change the world is some groups of coordinated
cyclists to TAKE THE LANE (not block the road) and hold it. We may be
harassed or attacked but we'll be on the news. Bicycles are a vehicle
and they don't belong on sidewalks. "Bike facilities" are a joke in
America, a cruel joke. Well, it all boils down to taming traffic and
protecting the weaker members of society, and that includes the
elderly pedestrians who now must deal with bikes on sidewalks.

Ironically it's the same elderly population at the bottom of the food
chain who now control the political machinery. I wonder if they
realize they are both the masters and the underdogs of this political
game called "democracy."

The young though are just trying to play revolution without clear
understanding of the jungle. People in Critical Mass are just wild
monkeys who are missing a philosopher.

But that's only my humble opinion.