Perhaps the Dutch must escape their land in the near future
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His Highness the TibetanMonkey, the Beach Cruiser Philosopher
2012-10-21 16:03:59 UTC
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On Oct 21, 10:25 am, "TibetanMonkey, the Beach Cruiser Philosopher"
and the buses are unreliable and lacking.
They are noisy as well. And they pollute.
Really? Wow.
We never knew Miami was so fucked up.
Too much noise. Too much pollution.
You can't walk, can't ride a bike, and can't bus.
Apparently your only choice to is drive a car.
If that's your reality, then that is your reality.
If you don't like where you live enough
then you will move.
If you don't move
then apparently it's not too bad.
You complain about it
in places where few if anybody cares.
You are generalizing because you are a selfish person who cares
nothing about the world and others. Somebody cares because we must
live in solidarity. My pollution here will affect the Seychelles and
the Netherlands. Never mind that they are riding bikes. The
overwhelming pollution of America, China and India will sink millions
of people who are mostly innocent.
The Laws of Karma don't apply to pollution. True, a hurricane is
likely to wipe out Miami Beach with all its hotels and luxury
condominiums, but for the most part people on the other side of the
world will have to relocate or drown.
The Laws of Cause & Effect, though, do apply. Which is why I propose
(Here I go with another famous monologue of mine. I'm too impatient to
wait for an answer. And I may not get the right answer after all.)


Groups and nations engage in bad Karma. Say the Germans had bad Karma
under Nazism, but now enjoy good Karma. So far I follow the rationale:
They changed the system and they changed themselves. From ashes to

Problem is when nations such as America and China recklessly pollute
(China is abandoning the bike while America is not making room for it)
then THE WHOLE WORLD PAYS THE CONSEQUENCES. Somebody in Seychelles see
the ocean rising and has nowhere to go. Perhaps the Dutch must escape
their land in the near future and resettle somewhere in Germany or

"Prevention is the best medicine" says the popular wisdom. How wise is
the people, right?
His Highness the TibetanMonkey, the Beach Cruiser Philosopher
2012-10-22 01:38:48 UTC
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The Laws of Karma don't apply to pollution.
Apparently you don't understand the Law.
You pollute, you get shit.
Obviously you don't understand the metaphor of the toilet: "You get
shit you flush the toilet." No time to waste, just flush it down. We
are looking for a solution right now.
Unless you prepare to leave your planet
you most certainly will be eliminated.
Leave the planet? When is the next shuttle leaving?

Sorry, I',m planning to stay while you go to the Moon. Or are you
going all the way? Mars? Out of the solar system? You got any
destination in particular or just roaming free in space? Will the Red
Giant catch you and such you in?
As it is, you will with little doubt, perish.
Me? I like NYC but that will sink too! The boondocks is no place to
go, as boring as the afterlife. I think I will ride my kayak with the
rising tide. Does it really work for all boats or just the big yachts?

I'm going back to my kayak just to have some proper peace and quiet,
away from the cigarette boats if I can.
Does he have your victim mentality too?
Well, he's somehow shaken by the noise, but he says "anything but the

I recite this passage to my dog:

"All beings tremble before violence
All fear death
All love life
See yourself in others
Then whom can you hurt
What harm can you do?"
~ Buddha
Jesus tried to slow down the world riding a donkey.
In your book, perhaps that is how your story goes.
In my book stories have a meaning. What's the meaning of the donkey?
What a funny character, right?
We suppose so.