Even in enlightened California (taking the lane)
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His Highness the TibetanMonkey, the Beach Cruiser Philosopher
2012-07-02 16:39:46 UTC
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Hey, no monkeying around this time. I've been saying that TAKING THE
LANE is the solution and the revolution is about solutions. Wait, just
a little teasing. We all know that the interpretation of the laws is
different by those who enforce it and those who they are assumed to
protect. "Hey, it's a jungle out there!" I mean don't trust the law
that much. One day, somewhere, a bunch of monkeys will get together
and challenge these laws whose "fine print" is so confusing. You know
what happens when there's confusion? Any idiot behind the wheel comes
and tries to teach you a "lesson." Yes, it happened to me.

It was a tragic incident over a sign that said, "walk bike across
bridge," whatever that means. The guy came and attacked and it
resulted in the worse humiliation in my life. Yes, I've never been
spit in the face. "You are on your own, baby!" Never go in the jungle
without a machete and bananas.

Without further ado, here's the guy from "enlightened California":

“Taking the Lane” With Florida Bicycle Laws


Even in enlightened California, where I live and cycle, police
interpretation of the law often differs from that of cyclists. In
Santa Cruz a couple of weeks ago, the police chief told cyclists at a
recent meeting that they would cite cyclists for impeding traffic if
they take the lane on Mission Street, which has 11 foot lanes, and if
the cyclist disagrees with that interpretation he invited them to take
it to court for the judges to decide.

I don’t know how the system works in Florida, but in many areas
traffic cases are heard by municipal judges who frankly don’t
generally care about the nuances of roadway engineering and cyclist

Like you, I encourage cyclists to take the lane for their own safety,
but it will take some concerted effort to convince motorists and law
enforcement that taking the lane is indeed legal.



TibetanMonkey, the Beach Cruiser Philosopher
2012-07-05 12:44:43 UTC
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And I'm probably not the only one who's been passed with eighteen inches
of space (not counting the side mirror!) in view of a policeman who took
no action.
There's only one solution to this, which is to put UNDERCOVER COPS to
experience these violations and enforce the laws accordingly.
rec.guns; sheldon; carrying on a bike. After it gets to be know that
the bikers are toting the big black SUV's will give you a wide birth.
It's good to have a gun with you as a backup but I see little use for
it for cars that pass you too close or even that harass you before you
have time to react. You may find yourself shooting into the air and
maybe getting into deep shit as well. A machete is a scary weapon that
may find a practical use along the way. Say, you find watermelons and
you can eat them nicely.
You seem a bit confused. You say that cars pass too quickly for a gun
to be used while a machete is viable? How can that be? Or do you carry
the machete in your teeth?
A machete is a weapon for when you are truly cornered and it's him or
And it would be in the news as well, wouldn't it?
I guess you never heard the old adage "never bring a knife to a gun
fight". After all, those rich folks roaring around in their powerful
SUV's will not be the type who have recent experience swinging through
the trees with the machete between their teeth. Most will more likely
have a Personal Assistant armed with a baseball bat and a large gun.
I can hear telling the cops now, "Well, Officer, this loon came racing
down the road on a bicycle with a banana in one hand and a machete in
the other. I had no other choice but to go for a triple off the side
of his head (those funny plastic hats they all wear don't seem to
provide much protection, I might say). Didn't want to have to shoot
the poor fool, he is probably an escapee from a Home somewhere.
True, but have you heard that in the jungle whoever strikes first
often wins?
He comes out of the car, menacingly, he hears no reason, he wants to
teach me a lesson, I'm "standing my ground" (key concept in Florida)
and all of a sudden his head rolls through the ground.
It sounds simple, at least on paper.
It's simple and also good for a murder one charge and conviction since
you armed youself with the machete with he intent of assaulting
someone. No wonder some motorists think that all bicyclists are
One day the machete wielder will meet omeone with a gun and an
attitude. You know the old adage, "Don't bring a knife to a gunfight."
No matter how big the knife the gun wil win.
With many of your attitudes I think that the Tibetan Monkey will
become extinct.
I think it's kind of funny for a "civilized society" that a cyclist
must carry a machete to save his life. No difference from a handgun.
Oh yes, you can use the machete to cut watermelon. All drivers got a
weapon anyway... their car.
But that's only my humble opinion.
In your "civilized" American society you probably need a lawyer more
then a hand gun.
Maybe it's because it's made for lawyers by lawyers. The "fine print"
is left obscure so you always must turn to them.

They won't let this turn into a peaceful land where the fast and
furious coexist with the humble and smart. I'm talking about a model
more like Germany than Holland. They love their fast driving, but they
still made room for bicycles. And I hear they are respected.

Correct me if I'm wrong.
TibetanMonkey, the Beach Cruiser Philosopher
2012-07-05 15:54:57 UTC
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One key concept that is often ignored in these discussions about "bike
facilities" is TAMING THE TRAFFIC.
So it seems to me like electric cars for local use have been a
practicality since the late sixties at least - the only barrier
being endemic speeding by the rest of traffic.
Pete Cresswell
They are taming the traffic jungle in Zimbabwe...

"Zimbabwe: Taming the Traffic Jungle Demands a Visionary Plan"



Why not in America? Hint: VESTED INTERESTS.